When is Karwa chauth 2023 in United states Date,Time,Significance, Rituals

Karwa Chauth 2023

Karwa chauth 2023 is a one of the great Fesival of India. Karwa Chauth day is praised for the most part among the North Indian People group both in India and individuals got comfortable abroad also, which is mostly celebrated by married women to show their love ,affection, trust, and marital joy with great fervor and faith to her husband.

The event is celebrated during the waning moon cycle in the month of Kartika, about nine days before Diwali.Due to different time zones of INDIA and U.S.A the puja timing will be different.

So for them who want to celebrate Karwa chauth in USA  the puja time is Tue, 31 Oct, 2023, 12:00 pm – Wed, 1 Nov, 2023, 11:49 am.

Karva chauth 2023

Importance of Karva Chauth

Karwa Chauth often aligns with the auspicious occasion of Sankashti Chaturthi, a day of fasting dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

On this sacred day, married women devoutly worship Lord Shiva, seeking the longevity and well-being of their husbands. The day is marked by the veneration of Lord Shiva, accompanied by his divine family, which includes the beloved Lord Ganesha.

The rigorous fast is upheld until the moon graces the night sky with its presence. Only upon the moon’s appearance does the time come for offerings to be presented to its celestial majesty.

This fast is observed with unwavering dedication, and not even a single bite of food or a drop of water can be consumed until the moon rises.

Karwa Chauth is alternatively known as Karak Chaturthi. The term “Karak” or “Karwa” signifies the earthen pot employed for offering water to the moon.

karva chauth 2023

This act of offering water to the moon is traditionally referred to as “Argha.” The significance of ‘”Karak” extends to the Karva Chauth Puja, where it holds a pivotal role. Additionally, Daan to Brahmins or eligible women, further enhancing its spiritual significance.

History and Story of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a special Hindu festival celebrated in India. It happens on the fourth day of the Kartik month in the Hindu calendar.

During this time, families and friends come together to celebrate. Diwali, another important festival, follows nine days after Karwa Chauth.

Originally, Karwa Chauth was a celebration of the bond between a bride and her in-laws, but it has changed over time.

Nowadays, it’s mainly about praying for a husband’s long and healthy life.

After the four-day Karwa Chauth celebration, there’s another special day called Ahoi Ashtami, dedicated to the well-being of sons.

Even though the original meaning of Karwa Chauth has evolved, many Indian women still observe a day-long fast to ensure their husband’s well-being.

Historically, Karwa Chauth dates back to ancient times and symbolized the connection between a bride and the women in her family.

Today, it’s celebrated with great enthusiasm and is considered a wonderful occasion that strengthens the love between married couples.

How To Celebrate Karwa Chauth 2023

The 2023 Karwa Chauth day is praised for the most part among the North Indian People group both in India and individuals got comfortable abroad also.

The main thing to follow on Karwa Chauth day is the day long Karwa Chauth Quick which starts at the dawn and finishes with moonrise.

The Karwa Chauth Vrat must be given out once the moon is located by the ladies and contributions are made.

The Karwa Chauth Fasting is extremely extraordinary as no place on the planet a lady does without eating or drinking over the course of the day to pray God for the life span of the spouse.

karwa chauth sargi

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Sargi is one of the main parts on the Karwa Chauth Day. Sargi is an extraordinary feast arranged which is eaten before the dawn. It as a rule incorporates seviyan or vermicelli which are ready by the mother by marriage for the little girl in-regulation.

As per the Hindu specially, wedded ladies include in no sort of family movement during the merriment of Karwa Chauth.

Henna (Mehndi) service is performed along the day of Karwa Chauth by the wedded ladies. This day is totally committed to the spouses by their individual wives.


After the morning shower upon the arrival of Karwa Chauth, ladies are said to make a promise which is likewise alluded as Sankalp.

Karwa Chauth Sankalp is taken for prosperity of the spouse and the family. Something significant which is described during the Sankalpa is that the quick will be managed without polishing off any food and water and it closes with the locating of moon.

karwa chauth vrat poster

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Step-by-step guide for Karwa chauth puja rituals

1. Sargi Readiness

On this day, Wedded ladies awaken before dawn, normally around 4:00 am or 4:30 am, and have a pre-first light dinner called “Sargi” ready by their mother by marriage.

The sargi incorporates food sources like fenia (a sweet dish produced using semolina), natural products, nuts, and on occasion dishes that are flavorful.

Aside from this, wedded ladies likewise get gifts and new garments from their parents in law as a badge of adoration and favors.

sargi for karwa chauth

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2. Fasting Starts

In the wake of drinking Sargi, the quick starts, and members forgo polishing off any food or water until moonrise.

3. Applying Mehendi (Henna)

On this day, ladies apply complicated henna plans on all fours, and it is a significant piece of the festival.

4. Puja Arrangements

In the late evening, ladies clean and finish the puja (petition) region in their homes dress in conventional clothing, and decorate themselves with gems.

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5. Karwa Chauth 2023 Puja

Ladies assemble the vital puja things, for example, a dirt pot (Karwa) loaded up with water, an image or symbol of Goddess Parvati, a brightened thali (plate) with roli, rice, incense, a lit diya (light), and a few desserts during late evening or night.

Karwa chauth pooja thali
Karwa chauth pooja thali


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They sit in a circle with other fasting ladies in the area and a minister or an old lady guides them through the puja ceremonies.

These ladies offer petitions to Goddess Parvati and look for her gifts for their significant other’s long and solid lives.

They pay attention to the Karwa Chauth Katha  that recounts the tale of Sovereign Veeravati and the meaning of the quick.

They pass their Karwa (dirt pot) and thali (plate) to one another in a clockwise bearing while at the same time singing conventional melodies.

6. Breaking the Quick

The most anticipated snapshot of the day is the locating of the moon. Ladies take a gander at the moon through a strainer or a dupatta (scarf) while holding their thali with the lit diya.

Subsequent to seeing the moon, they offer water to the moon to look for its endowments and afterward to their spouses by contacting their feet.

The spouse then, at that point, takes care of his significant other the primary taste of water and some food, authoritatively breaking her quick.

When the Karwa Chauth quick is effectively finished, ladies petition God for the prosperity and success of their spouses and their relatives.

Loved ones frequently participate in the festival, and a bubbly dinner is shared.


1- When is Karwa chauth 2023 in United Kingdom?

Ans-Who want to celebrate Karwa chauth in United Kingdom  the puja time is Tue, Oct 31, 2023, 4:00 PM – Wed, Nov 1, 2023, 3:49 PM

2- When is Karwa chauth 2023 in Canada ?

Ans- Who want to celebrate Karwa chauth in Canada  the puja time is Tue, Oct 31, 2023, 12:00 PM – Wed, Nov 1, 2023, 11:49 AM


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