Adrián Chávez: “I would have eaten Henry Martín alive” for derby goal celebration.

Adrián Chávez is a former goalkeeper for Club América, one of the two biggest clubs in Mexican soccer. He played in countless El Clásicos, the derby match between América and Chivas Guadalajara, during his decade with the club in the 1980s and 1990s.


The intensity of El Clásico Nacional

El Clásico Nacional is one of the most fiercely-contested rivalries in soccer. The two teams are based in the same city, Guadalajara, and they have a long history of animosity. The matches are often played in a hostile atmosphere, and there have been many instances of violence between fans and players alike.

Chávez's memories of El Clásico

Chávez has many memories of the El Clásico, both positive and negative. He recalls the atmosphere at the games being electric and the intensity on the pitch being palpable. However, he also remembers the violence that was sometimes associated with the derby.

Henry Martín's goal celebration

In March 2023, América striker Henry Martín made headlines with a crazy goal celebration that goaded the Chivas support. Chávez admitted that Martín, who received a yellow card for the provocation, would have suffered far more than a booking if he had done something similar in the past.

Chávez's comment

“I would have eaten him alive if he had celebrated a goal like he did,” Chavez said. “At least I would punch him and there would be a fight. That’s what they were about, those games. “I think that in almost 30 Clásicos [that I played in] there were more positive things than negative. But yes, I would not have allowed someone to celebrate against me in that way.”

The changes in El Clásico since Chávez retired

Chávez believes that El Clásico has changed since he retired. He says that the games are less violent now, but also less passionate. He attributes this to the fact that players are more focused on their careers and less on the rivalry itself.

Chávez's hope for the future

Chávez hopes that El Clásico will never lose its intensity. He believes that it is one of the most important matches in Mexican soccer and that it should be played in a competitive and passionate manner.

Adrián Chávez is a legend of Club América and a man who knows the intensity of El Clásico Nacional better than anyone. His comments about Henry Martín's goal celebration are a reminder of how much the derby has changed since the 1980s and 1990s. However, Chávez's hope for the future is that El Clásico will never lose its importance or its passion.