Luis Rubiales Resigns as President of Spanish Football Federation

Luis Rubiales Resigns as President of Spanish Football Federation, A Win for Women’s Team

In a groundbreaking turn of events, Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has tendered his resignation amidst a cloud of corruption allegations. This significant development is nothing short of a triumph for the Spanish women’s national team, who have been vocal critics of Rubiales’ leadership.

The Accusations Unveiled

Rubiales’ decision to step down comes in the wake of serious accusations, including allegations of accepting bribes from a sports marketing company in exchange for granting them lucrative contracts. He was also under scrutiny for alleged financial mismanagement and leveraging his position for personal gain, as well as to favor his associates.

The Women’s National Team’s Struggle

The Spanish women’s national team has been at the forefront of criticizing Rubiales for his handling of their affairs. The year 2021 saw them accusing him of blatant gender inequality, citing disparities in bonus payments compared to the men’s team. Furthermore, they highlighted the lack of proper facilities and support that hindered their progress.

A Victory for Gender Equality

Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales’ resignation is an undeniable victory for the Spanish women’s national team. It signifies that their grievances have not fallen on deaf ears and that change is indeed achievable. This episode serves as a stark reminder that corruption in football is a grave issue that demands immediate attention.

New Leadership, New Hopes

The Spanish women’s team is now under the interim leadership of Miguel Angel Galan. Galan has pledged to overhaul the federation, ensuring that the women’s team is accorded equitable treatment and support.

A Positive Turn for Spanish Football

Rubiales’ departure from the helm of the RFEF marks a positive turning point for Spanish football. It demonstrates the federation’s willingness to address and rectify the allegations of corruption seriously. Moreover, it stands as a monumental victory for the Spanish women’s team, who have tirelessly campaigned for gender equality within the sport for numerous years.


In conclusion, the resignation of Luis Rubiales as the president of the Spanish Football Federation is a significant moment in the history of Spanish football. It is a testament to the power of advocacy and determination, particularly in the face of corruption and gender inequality. As the Spanish women’s team marches forward under new leadership, the sport can look towards a future that is more equitable and transparent.


1. Why did Luis Rubiales resign as the president of the Spanish Football Federation?

Luis Rubiales resigned amidst allegations of corruption, including accepting bribes and mismanaging funds.

2. What were the Spanish women’s national team’s grievances against Rubiales?

The Spanish women’s team accused Rubiales of gender inequality, particularly in bonus payments, and of not providing them with proper facilities and support.

3. Who is leading the Spanish women’s team after Rubiales’ resignation?

Miguel Angel Galan is serving as the interim president of the Spanish women’s national team.

4. What does Rubiales’ resignation mean for Spanish football?

Rubiales’ resignation signifies that the federation is taking corruption allegations seriously and is a victory for gender equality within the sport.

5. What is Miguel Angel Galan’s plan for the Spanish women’s team?

Galan has promised to reform the federation and ensure equitable treatment and support for the women’s national team.

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