IOC Executive Board Meeting – 8 September 2023 – Revised Information for the Media

IOC Executive Board Meeting – 8 September 2023

In the ever-evolving world of international sports, transparency and communication are key. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizes this and strives to keep the media and the public informed about its decisions and actions. As part of this commitment, the IOC Executive Board is set to hold a crucial meeting on September 8, 2023, and has released revised information to ensure that the media is well-prepared to cover the event.T

he Importance of the IOC Executive Board Meeting

The IOC Executive Board Meeting is a pivotal moment in the world of sports governance. Comprising influential figures from the global sports community, the Executive Board oversees the IOC’s day-to-day operations and makes critical decisions that impact the Olympic Movement and its future.

Revised Information for the Media

To facilitate comprehensive media coverage and to ensure accurate reporting, the IOC has released revised information that includes the following key details:

1. Meeting Agenda:

The IOC has disclosed the meeting agenda, highlighting the key topics and discussions that will take place during the meeting. This includes discussions on future Olympic Games, athlete welfare, and sustainability initiatives.

2. Press Access:

The IOC has outlined the procedures for media access to the meeting. This includes guidelines for requesting press credentials and details on how to access the meeting virtually, recognizing the ongoing challenges posed by the global pandemic.

3. Key Speakers:

The IOC has confirmed the key speakers who will address the media before and after the meeting. These speakers will provide insights into the decisions made and the direction in which the Olympic Movement is headed.

4. Q&A Session:

To foster open communication, the IOC has scheduled a Q&A session with top officials. This will provide journalists with the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications on the decisions and outcomes of the meeting.

5. Broadcasting Information:

The IOC has provided details on how the meeting will be broadcasted to a global audience. This includes information on live streaming, available languages, and access for international broadcasters.

The Road to Transparency

he IOC’s commitment to transparency is a cornerstone of its operations. By providing revised information for the media ahead of the Executive Board meeting, the IOC demonstrates its dedication to ensuring that the decisions made during this crucial gathering are communicated accurately and comprehensively to the world.


The IOC Executive Board Meeting on September 8, 2023, promises to be a significant event in the world of sports. With the release of revised information for the media, the IOC is taking proactive steps to ensure that journalists have the tools they need to cover the meeting effectively. This commitment to transparency reinforces the IOC’s mission to promote and protect the Olympic Movement, inspiring athletes and fans worldwide.

Stay tuned for updates as the IOC Executive Board Meeting unfolds, and follow the official IOC channels for the latest information and announcements.

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