How To Set Up A Chessboard 2023

Chess Board Setup-How to setup a chess board correctly

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1 Chess Board Setup-How to setup a chess board correctly
1.3 Some International Chess Events

Before start plyaing, we should be familiar with the things involved in this game named chess like the chess board the pieces. So get started with the introdution of chess board pieces. 

Correct Chess Board Setup –

Identifying the Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are explained the below mentioned diagram

Chess Board setup

  • The king is the tallest piece in chess.
  • The queen is easily identifiable by the crown she is wearing.
  • The bishop is the third tallest piece and usually has a cut on top.
  • The knight is represented by the head and torso of a horse.
  • The rook has a distinct castle shape up top.
  • The pawn is the most numerous and smallest chess piece.


    Understanding Chess Board Setup

    Chess Board Basics

correct Chess Board placement
Correct Chess Board placement


Before going into the specifics of setting up a chess board, let’s familiarize us with the basics. A standard chess board consists of 64 alternating dark and light squares, arranged in an 8×8 grid.

The board is positioned between the two players so that each player has a light-colored square on their right-hand corner.

Chess Board Notation

Chess board notation is a system used to identify and record the position of chess pieces on the board.

It consists of a combination of letters and numbers, with letters representing the columns and numbers representing the rows.

Understanding chess notation is essential for communicating moves and analyzing games.

chess board notationsChess board notations

Chess Board Pieces Position- Step- By- Step

From the side of the white player, the chess board setup is as follows:

  1. The BoardBoth players need a dark square in their lower left corner.
  2. NotationThe a1-square should be at lower left corner of the white player.
  3. Queen: The white queen should be placed on the white, middle square of the back row.
  4. King: The white king will at the position right next to the queen – the dark, middle square.
  5. Bishops: The two bishops should be placed right next to the king and queen in the back row.
  6. Knights: The knights placed the squares directly next to both bishops.
  7. Rooks: Both rooks complete the back row with their placement in the corners.
  8. Pawns: All eight pawns are now placed in the row above.

The black pieces are mirrored perfectly, so that each black piece has a counterpart on the other side. That is called a vis-à-vis (face-to-face 👀) position,


Chess Board Arrangement
Chess Board Arrangement


Chess Board setup
Learn how to set chess board


Interesting Story about Chess 

Once a king wanted to reward a man but the man refused by saying that you cannot fullfill my demands then king became angry and foced man to take reward. Then the wise man demanded a chess board full rice grain.

The king arroganly laughed on man and said OK I will fullfill your demand. The wise man asked the servant to put one rice on first square of chess board , two rice grain in second square and four rice grain in 3rd square in such way that each square should have double the rice grain compared to previous square till 64th square .

By following this once a time came there was no rice left in the kingdom to fullfill the demand of wise man. Then the king realized his mistake and said sorry to wise man for his rude behaivour.

Some International Chess Events

Upcomming World Events 2023

World Senior Teams Chess Championships 2023

Place- Ohrid ,North Macedonia, Date -18 Sept 2023 to 29 Sept 2023

World Junior U20 championships 2023

Place- Maxico City,Maxico  Date -20 Sept 2023 to 02 Oct 2023

World Junior Rapid & Blitz Championship

Place- Sardinia, Italy Date -09 Oct 2023 to 16 Oct 2023

World Cadet U8, U10, U12 Championships 2023

Place- Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, Date -14 Oct 2023 to 27 Oct 2023

FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss 2023

Place- Isle of Man, Date -23 oct 2023 to 06 Nov 2023

World Senior Chess Championships 2023

Place- Terrasini, Italy  Date- 24 Oct 2023 to 6 Nov 2023

World Amateur Championship 2023

Place -Muscat, Oman Date– 1 Nov 2023 to 11 Nov 2023

World Youth U14, U16, U18 championships 2023

Place- Montesivano, Italy Date- 12 Nov 2023 to 25 Nov 2023

European Events 2023

Six Days September 2023

Place- Budapest, Hungary Date- 12 Sep2023 to 17 Sept 2023

Exe Slovakia Open 2023

Place- Bratislava, Slovakia  Date- 15 Sept 2023 to 23 Sept 2023

46. Harkanyi Tenkes Kupa

Place- Harkany, Hungary Date- 18 sept 2023 to 23 sept 2023

Six Days One Year 2023

Place- Budapest, Hungary Date- 18 Sept 2023 to 23 Sept 2023

Tsaghkadzor Open

Place- Tsaghkadzor, Armenia, Date- 19 sept 2023 to 28 sept 2023

International Chess Open Isola DeL Sole

Place- Grado(Go), Italy, Date- 23 sept 2023 to 30 sept 2023

Vezerkepzo GM, IMFM, Tournaments for GM, IM norms and for FIDE rating points

Place-Budapest,,Magyaorszag/ Hugary Date- 24 sept 2023 to 30 sept 2023

5th Yerevan Open

Place- Yerevan, Armenia Date- 29 sept 2023 07 oct 2023

27th European chess club cup for women

Place- Durres Abania  Date- 30 Sept 2023 to 08 oct 2023 

38th European Chess club cup

Place – Durres, Albania, Date- 30 sep 2023 to 8 oct 2023

31st slovak Rapid Championship 

Place- Podbanske, Slovakia date- 30 sept 2023 to 1 oct 2023

4 th Torneo Relampago Internacional Dama Negra

Place- San Vicente de Raspeig( Alicante), Spain Date -1 oct 2023 to 1oct 2023

69 th Tatra cup 

Place- Podbanske, Slovakia  Date- 1 oct 2023 to 6 oct 2023

28th TatraBlitz 

Place- Podbanske, Slovakia  Date- 5 oct 2023 to 5 oct 2023

Lenzerheide Amateur Open

Place-Lenzerheide , Switzerland, Date- 6 Oct 2023 to 8 oct 2023

45th International chess Open citta di Arco

Place- Arco TN, Italy  Date-7 oct 2023 to 17 oct2023

 Fagernes chess International autum 2023

Place- Fagernes, Norway, Date- 8 oct2023 to 15 oct 2023

Porto Ceresio Open 

Place- Porto ceresio, Italy date- 13oct 2023 to 15 oct 2023

International open chess tournament 2nd open HVAR 2023

Place- HVAR, Aesenal HVAR, Croatia date- 15 oct 2023 to 21 oct 2023

American Events 2023

Centeral American & Caribeean schools championship

Place -Costa rica date-  13 sep 2023 to 18 sep 2023

Centeral american & caribbean championship

Place- Honduras date- 3 oct 2023 to 9 oct 2023

Gulf coast october open

Place- Estero, Florida, United states date-3 oct 2023 to 15 oct 2023

Panamerican schools championship

Place- Peru Date- 23 oct2023 to 29 oct 2023

21st Annual Turkey Bowl

Place- Fort lauderdale, United states date- 10 Nov2023 to 12 Now 2023

Panamerican U20 championship Brazil 

Place- Brazil, date11 Nov2023 -15 Nov2023

9 th Iberoamerican chess championship

Place- Panama city, Panama Date-24 nov2023 to 2 dec 2023

South American youth championship

Place- Brazil,  Date- 1 Dec 2023 to 7 Dec 2023

South American Schools championship

Place- Peru, Dated 14 Dec 2023to 17 Dec 2023


Setting up a chess board correctly is an essential thing of playing the game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, understanding the basics, following recommended setups will enhance your overall chess experience. Enjoy the journey of exploring different chess board setups and let your creativity grow on the 64 squares!


  • How do I set up a chess board correctly ?

To set up a chess board, place the pawns on the second rank and the back rank with the respective pieces in the correct order. Pay attention to orientation and ensure consistency.

  • Can I use different setups for casual play?

Yes, you can experiment with alternative setups for casual play, adding variety and excitement to your games.

What is the purpose of chess board notation?

Chess board notation helps identify and record the position of chess pieces, enabling effective communication and game analysis.

  • Are there any alternative chess board sizes?

Yes, chess boards come in various sizes, catering to different preferences. The most common dimension is 19 inches by 19 inches.

  • Can I create my own chess board setup?

Absolutely! Feel free to create your own chess board setup, exploring different arrangements and enjoying a unique playing experience.

  • What Orientation of the Board is Correct?
The chess board needs to be rotated in a way that both players have a dark square in their respective lower-left corners.
  • Where is the Queen Placed on the Chess Board?
The white queen is placed on the square d1, the black queen on d8. Both queens occupy the center square on the back row which fits their color: white queen – light square; black queen – dark square.
  • Where is the King Placed on the Chess Board?
The white king starts the game on e1, the black king is placed on e8. The kings always occupy the remaining center square of the back row, directly next to their queens.
  • How Many Squares Does a Chess Board Have?
A chess board has 64 squares in total. They are divided up into eight ranks and eight files (8 * 8 = 64).


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