Are the alien corpses displayed in Mexico’s Congress real? Experts weigh in 2023

A group of Mexican researchers have displayed what they claim to be the remains of non-human alien creatures at the country’s Congress building.

The researchers, who call themselves the International UFO Congress, say that the creatures are 1,000 years old and come from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

The creatures are small, with large heads and big eyes. They have been preserved in a glass case and are being kept under tight security.

The researchers say that the creatures were found in a cave in Mexico and that they are the first physical evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The claims have been met with skepticism by scientists, who say that the creatures are likely to be hoaxes. However, the researchers insist that the evidence is genuine and that they are willing to subject it to scientific scrutiny.

The display of the alien corpses has caused a sensation in Mexico and has sparked a debate about the existence of extraterrestrial life. The researchers say that they hope the display will encourage more people to take the possibility of aliens seriously.

Experts Weigh In

A number of experts have weighed in on the claims about the alien corpses. Some experts believe that the creatures are likely to be hoaxes, while others say that it is possible that they are genuine.

Dr. Steven Greer, a UFO researcher, said that he believes the creatures are real. “I have seen many fakes in my time,” he said. “But these creatures are different. They are too well-preserved to be hoaxes.”

Dr. James Oberg, a space scientist, is more skeptical. “I think it’s more likely that these creatures are just some kind of strange animal,” he said. “There’s no way to know for sure without further study.”

The debate about the alien corpses is likely to continue for some time. However, the display of the creatures has certainly brought the issue of extraterrestrial life into the spotlight.

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